About Me

image Sundance Wealth Management is an independent, fee-based financial planning and investment advisory firm located in Cottonwood, Arizona which is about 90 miles north of Phoenix. I specialize in the finances of business owners, women and their families.
I’m a Certified Financial Planner Professional with over 30 years experience. With all of the technology available now all the services I provide my clients can be done online. Everything is set up for my clients’ convenience. Investment account information, financial planning updates etc. are all accessible 24/7 from any device. Gone is the hassle of driving to my office to review accounts, financial planning progress etc.
My goal is to create a fiduciary relationship with you - one that will help you build a sustainable financial future. One built on trust. There are two important ways I'm different from traditional "financial advisors". As a fiduciary, I'm obligated to always act in your best interest. Unlike brokers or others who may hold themselves out as "financial advisors", I won't make a recommendation just because it is "suitable". I accept a higher burden and only make recommendations if they are in your best interest. The convenience of virtual meetings can save you time and stress. You work hard for your money. I'll work hard to protect it.

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